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Information gathering!

Hey, gang! So, I floated the idea of a mythology comm a little while back, and a couple people pointed out that unless we're actually plotting together, that seems unnecessary. I'm still open to a comm at some point -- but until then, what I really want to do is get some Millicanon settled, and in one central place so that people can reference it easily.

Personally, what I'm interested in is stuff like what So-and-so has been up to for the last few millennia (settled down in Amsterdam? Roaming the world causing havoc? Hunting yaks in the Himalayas? Living in Milliways?) and where in time they are currently -- like, I know Medusa's primarily from the old days, and so is Cerberus, and Eirene's from the 1960s, whereas the Titanoi are from 2008.

Any other Millicanon information you think is important would be super-helpful, too. :)

[identity profile] dramaturgca.livejournal.com 2008-02-23 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
The Muses are modern. They've been everywhere and done everything. At the moment, according to Rai they "each have a villa at home on Pieria. I have flats and houses in Los Angeles and Venice and Prague and Hong Kong and Osaka and little research stations on Earth's moon and Titan. Tere keeps places in L.A., New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome, and Vienna. Cor's in Johannesburg, Moscow, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Rio. Cli's got places in Rome, New York, Washington D.C., London, Athens, and Jerusalem. She and Cal kind of trade spaces a lot, so Cal's bunch are in Moscow, Dublin, Toronto, on the ruins of Troy, Cairo, and New Delhi. Mel and Lia never stopped living together, they share in New York, London, Paris, Vancouver, they have a cottage at Stratford still, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, and Sydney."

"Nia's homes are in Cairo, Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca, Mt. Fuji, Athens, and a pied-de-terre near Stonehenge. And our Eri is in New York, Las Vegas, Rome, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Lesbos, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. And all of our homes are open to each other at a moment's notice."

Tere has hinted in the past that she's a higher-up in the music industry and definitely attends the Tonys yearly. She's also spent some time in Meg's Paris seeing her dance.
Eri has mentioned lingerie and sex toys as a professional pursuit.
Rai does consulting work for the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena and NASA at Cape Canaveral. She also travels interstellarly, on comets and so forth.

All the Muses were present when Shakespeare was writing his plays. Um...Tere and Aphrodite are on NOT GOOD TERMS.

Millicanonically, Tere has the ability to inspire people to randomly break out into appropriate song and also to nudge along instrumental skills. She can, if called on to, bring sections of the heavenly spheres into a humanly comprehensible form and play them. She's also capable of invisibility and has wings that are usually not visible, as is true of her sisters.

Eri is sexy. She seems to fall into bed with people a lot. It's Millicanonical that she has, when bored, seduced all her sisters multiple times. None of the Muses have any issues with incest, which makes sense, given the nature of Greek myth.

Rai lives outside the observation windows and frequently is seen being followed/orbited by a trail of miniature planets. She's sort of anti-social, unless pressed, and she is psychic and can see into the future.

Other than that...I have a metric shit ton of backstory that won't all fit in a comment box...
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Ganymede's present day (2008-ish), and, due to the small problem of lacking any sort of godly powers, has basically been hanging out on Olympus since his abduction, with possible, previous trips down to the modern world, on occasion.

But, mostly, he's just been dying of boredom and serving booze to the gods.

[identity profile] pat-trick.livejournal.com 2008-02-23 07:36 am (UTC)(link)
Dionysus is present day. He's had a falling-out with most of the old gods/goddesses on Olympus, and considers a good chunk of them to be bitter and horridly boring people. He resides wherever he chooses at that day and time, and is able to travel freely.

Canonically, he has a silver flask which, in his hands, allows him to pour any drink that could possibly exist, whether alcoholic or not. He can also pour a drink that is one-time custom made for a person, and that drink becomes that particular recipient's drink--it is the best thing that they've ever tasted. Note that this does not have the drawback of causing all other drink to suddenly become undesirable or anything along those lines. He can also pour drink that may be enjoyed without a following hangover.

Without his silver flask, he becomes sickly after a period of a week or so. This is due to not a whole ton of people believing in him anymore, so he has to store what godly power he has in some sort of a foci.

He was a bartender rather regularly in the earlier days of Milliways, but has not been around as much since.

[identity profile] winged-eros.livejournal.com 2008-02-23 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
This post is awesome. In fact it's so awesome it's... dare I say it... godly? (Don't kill me.)

Anyway, my response might be on the long side, seeing as I've been playing Eros since late 2004. Holy crap.

Eros enters from modern times, where he enjoys a pretty cushy life, bolstered by the fact that although few worship him by name anymore, mortals still love having sex. (I think I may have millicanoned at some point that anytime someone yells out "Oh God" in bed, he gets the credit.) One way or another he still has all of his old powers. He's also fairly wealthy, partially as a result of several millenia worth of life, and partially due to the fact that he somehow managed to copyright his (as Cupid) image a while ago, so every year on Valentine's day he makes a killing off of the royalties. He also has been involved in the production of several soap operas and some of the best romance films of recent years.

Eros doesn't live in any one particular place: he has homes all over the place. He has an apartment in Manhattan, a loft in Paris, a cabin in Northern Ontario, and a ski lodge somewhere (I don't think I set a location for it); probably some other houses as well. He doesn't like to be fixed to one place.

He has a strained relationship with his mother, but got along decently well with Ares (who used to be a Milliways regular).

Personality-wise Eros is - well, he's fucked up. Eros thinks everyone should love everyone else and doesn't understand why everyone else doesn't agree with him. Eros doesn't hate anyone, and cannot stand it when he himself is hated - the very concept is anathema. As a result, if someone dislikes him, he will do everything (and I mean everything)in his power to make them like him again.

In terms of powers: Eros has upgraded his arrows of love into bullets, and he always carries a loaded custom-made handgun on him, just in case. As Eros is both a 'person' and a force, he (as a physical person) doesn't need to be there anytime someone falls in love or has sex, it just happens anyway due to general Eros-ness existing everywhere in the universe. In fact he even took the last Valentine's day off. While Eros the force (the same force that brought the Ground and the Sky together to make the world) exists everywhere (I like to think of it as analogous with gravity) Eros-the-man isn't omniscient.

Other powers include - having wings, being able to shape-shift, and being the best lay you've ever had. OH -- and he has incredibly potent semen, such that hormonal controls like the pill or patch, injections, spermicides, sponges, IUDs, most forms of tubal ligation... they don't work. The best bet (oddly) is a condom, although even then the odds are quite high.

He hasn't been on Olympus for ages, which reminds me of a bit of Millicanon from the last time there were a bunch of Greek Gods at once -- that Olympus had more or less been abandoned in recent times -- the gods had all left, one by one, finding new homes and new worshippers elsewhere. The last Olympian to leave (IIRC) was Hestia, who put out the fire in the hearth (which had been burning since the beginning) behind her.

I think that's about it for now, although I will probably remember more later.

[identity profile] lethe-forgets.livejournal.com 2008-02-23 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Lethe really isn't certain what her exact period of time is - though it probably leans a fair bit more toward the modern side of things then she would imagine.

(It doesn't particularly help that the Line is long and has a tendency to wind in the wrong directions. The river sort of promotes absentmindedness, so the dead don't always reach her in chronological order - and Lethe's personal grasp of history is vague and not in the right order in some places.)

She's a good little minion though, so she hasn't ever been Above in order to know what her time is. She's pretty disconnected from any outside or upstairs politics.

To be entirely honest, other then coming to the Bar, she hasn't really left her river unless she's been called upon. Which she strives not to be, because being called on usually means that you've done something wrong. And upsetting the person in charge of you when that person is Hades isn't really the best of plans. She keeps quiet and finds it terribly convenient that she's easily forgotten and overlooked. And though she's gotten much better about speaking her mind and time with Prometheus has mellowed her squeak and 'goodness, I could never say something like that in front of you'-reflexes slightly, she's still pretty much programmed to knee-jerk with formality when it comes to her superiors and do exactly what she's told.

She doesn't know many things on her own, not having actually experienced them on her own, so she borrows and supposes from what the river holds instead. (Which makes for a lot of stories milling about in the back of her skull.) So she's pretty much built up on guesswork and forgotten memories, and without them she's entirely inexperienced and nearly ordinary. Yanno, excluding all of that immortality and made-of-water stuff.

[identity profile] forge-fire.livejournal.com 2008-03-01 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
I haven't posted for a bit mostly because I've been considering what to say.

Heph is from a sort of nimbus time period, though he's definitely up on things up to a modern level (2008). He's still living in Mt. Etna in an apartment of sorts within the mountain that is rather comfortable and extremely beautiful with sheets of crystal between the living areas and hot magma. He's got a workshop there, which a few people at Milliways have passes to. His work can go from beautiful jewelry to tech that would make a Trekkie's heart beat faster to stuff that's part ticktock and part magic. I'm letting him be the god of technology as well, which has resulted in a bit of Millicanon to do with him being a rather genius hacker at one point.

His appearance at the moment is a reflection of his "followers": where in the past, smiths tended to be afflicted with arsenicosis, at this point he looks like a friendly, mild little techie even if he still has the lame leg. He's always got his cane and a notebook with him, but he never lets anyone see what's in the notebook.

The big thing that identifies him is his voice. His voice is a combination of a rather gentle, deep man's voice and the sound of hammers, the shift of magma, the hiss of flames... all the sounds of a forge. He can disguise it, but generally he doesn't. He just doesn't talk much, prefering not to use words that could be turned against him and instead figuring that anyone coming to him probably wants something, so they can work for their damn answers.

Millicanon has Aphrodite as having returned to him but things there are murky at the moment with the mun and I trying to figure out things re: Dite's nigh disappearance.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
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Wow, I am so, so freakishly late to the party on this. But seeing as I, er, might not be retiring Mercer any longer...

Hermes is following the modern day model that a few of the other gods are following -- it's 2008, Mt. Olympus has been pretty much abandoned, he's scraping by on what little worship he can find, etc etc etc. The most important bit of Millicanon with him is that he left Mt. Olympus, and his father's employ, several centuries (and possibly even millennia) before the entire place went to pot. It...wasn't exactly on the best of terms, either. Rude gestures and a few "fuck yous" might've come into play, among other things.

Since then, he's rarely stayed in one place for very long and has been doing everything possible to avoid his family. It's less out of dislike and more because he's paranoid that they'll tattle to Zeus about where he's gone; he's kept in touch with Prometheus over the years, for example, because he knows he's never going to have to worry about the Titan talking to daddy dearest. Everyone else, though? Sorry, but if you've seen or heard him since his blowup with Zeus, odds are nine hundred and ninety-nine to one that it was just in passing.

Obviously, he's also changed his name to "Mercer" -- that happened about a hundred and fifty years ago. He likes it. Change is good! (That also means he might get a little prickly if you call him "Hermes," depending on his mood, but ehn.)
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And I'm more late than anyone else. I'd like to point out that Melpomene isn't really in on the whole sisterly lovin' thing. She doesn't like her sisters very much, particularly since the promiscuous one seduced her old lover, and hasn't talked to them outside of Milliways since maybe the 1800s. She's now in New York, 2008.

Melpomene likes traveling to where the big thoughts are. During the Golden Age, obviously, she was still in Greece. During the Renaissance, she was all over Europe. In the early 1900s, she was in Hollywood.

These days, she lurks in coffeehouses and bars and looks for the poets. The good poets. There aren't many with the passion and understanding, but where they are, Melpomene seizes and inspires.