2020sight: (whose name meant hindsight)
Epimetheus ([personal profile] 2020sight) wrote2020-01-01 08:32 pm
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Information gathering!

Hey, gang! So, I floated the idea of a mythology comm a little while back, and a couple people pointed out that unless we're actually plotting together, that seems unnecessary. I'm still open to a comm at some point -- but until then, what I really want to do is get some Millicanon settled, and in one central place so that people can reference it easily.

Personally, what I'm interested in is stuff like what So-and-so has been up to for the last few millennia (settled down in Amsterdam? Roaming the world causing havoc? Hunting yaks in the Himalayas? Living in Milliways?) and where in time they are currently -- like, I know Medusa's primarily from the old days, and so is Cerberus, and Eirene's from the 1960s, whereas the Titanoi are from 2008.

Any other Millicanon information you think is important would be super-helpful, too. :)

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