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Family Tree
(Insofar as such a thing is possible with the INCREDIBLY INCESTUOUS Greek gods. Holy crap. Who needs twincest or Petrellicest or Wincest when you can go ship Zeus with his aunts and sisters and cousins?)

Paternal Grandfather: Uranus
Paternal Granmother: Gaia

Maternal Grandfather: Oceanus (Titan)
Maternal Grandmother: Tethys (Titaness)

Father: Iapetos (thrown into Tartarus after the Titanomachy)
Mother: Clymene (aka Asia, an Oceanid, patroness of . . . some body of water or another)

Brothers: Atlas (forced by Zeus to carry the heavens, later turned into Mt. Atlas by Perseus using Medusa's head)
Menoetius (either struck down by a thunderbolt of Zeus' or thrown into Tartarus)
Prometheus (bound to a rock by Zeus using chains made by Hephaestos, got his live eaten by an eagle for, um, ever, eventually freed by Herakles)

Titan Cousins: Eos (Dawn)
Helios (Sun)
Selene (Moon)
Leto (mother of Apollo and Artemis)
Asteria (mother of Heracles, but not the hero, and Hecate. Turned into an island when fleeing the advances of Zeus)

Olympian Cousins: Demeter
The muses

Wife: Pandora (created by Hephaestos and the rest of the Olympians, released evils into the world)

Note: Zeus basically fucked up most of Epimetheus' immediate family -- his father and one of his brothers get thrown into Tartarus, another brother has to carry to the heavens and then gets turned into stone by a hero, another brother gets chained to a rock to have his liver eaten; one of his cousins gets LITERALLY fucked over by Zeus.

Epimetheus is the only one who doesn't directly piss off Zeus, and therefore doesn't get directly punished. Even the "punishment" he gets -- Pandora -- punishes humanity more than him.
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procrastinating from research...

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...and found this page. Just for reference, if you ever want to know any of the half-blooded cousins (grandmother still Gaia), the 'monsters', I have a bunch of them at Medusa's family page.
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Re: procrastinating from research...

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*is happy to be of service!*

*is also possibly linking to your list for easy referencing herself*

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OH HEY. This is useful! *bookmarks*