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April 2, 2008 -- Chicago

Epimetheus never came back to Prometheus' apartment last night. That's not that odd.

But him sauntering through the door this morning, whistling, in an almost cliche display of insufferable smugness? That kind of is.

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One thing about being a Titan is that if you let yourself, you can get very, very shaggy.

Prometheus emerges from the bathroom with a razor in one hand and a good portion of his face lathered up. He's a little squinty, but there's no mistaking that swagger. He just doesn't see it on his brother very much. Or ever.

"You look cheery," he remarks, frowning.

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Prometheus has no compunctions about swiping a blob off his cheek and lobbing at Epimetheus's head.

"Not until you tell me why you're dragging ass back here like I ain't seen you do in, oh, a couple hundred years."

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"Ladies and gentlemen, facetious argument of the year!" He holds both arms up high. "Since when have you ever tried to claim you were a--"

Wait a sec.

His brow furrows.

"Explain yourself."

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"Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Prometheus, looking like a wild man with skinny shanks and ratty robe, swoops in after him.

The kitchen is not a smart place to duck into. It is not very big, for one.

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"I can do both."

He looms in the doorway.

"You're hiding something. Except for the way in which you're totally failing at it."

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"You've done something stupid, haven't you."

He's learned not to trust moods like this.

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"D'you want me to be honest or nice?"

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Prometheus crosses his arms. "Sort of like you were a hapless bystander in that junkyard in East St. Louis?"

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"I'm just calling it like I see it! Now what exactly did you have practically nothing to do with here?"

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...Prometheus bites his lip.

And doesn't say anything just yet.

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Give him a moment. He's still processing this.

Okay, give him a couple of moments. He's blinking rather furiously.

Maybe he thinks it looks like a withering glare.

"...what did you marry?"

Please let it a pool table or something.

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"I'm just covering all my bases; I never know with you."

And that's saying something, mind.

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To his credit, he doesn't choke.

This is only because he's not drinking something.

"Sometimes these things just sort of happen around Coyote," he's forced to admit.

She got him to do full drag karaoke somehow, after all.

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He frowns again. He is still half-covered in shaving cream and stubble.

The realization hits him rather like a wet towel to the head.

"You've been bumping uglies. With Coyote." His lips quirk before he can stop them. "Making the beast with two backs."

Or, you know, depending on the position, however many.

You know what, he doesn't want to know that part.

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Prometheus grabs a spatula and promptly whacks his little brother over the head.

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"I can't leave you alone for five -- goddamned -- minutes!"


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"Jealous my ass. Not that it being Coyote helps, 'cause who knows how it's going to be now that you've been in each other's pants, but how the hell does this shit happen to you?"

He stops, and lets his arms drop to his side.

"I need a cigarette," he announces. He really, really does.

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"I'm not paranoid, I'm right."

Prometheus rifles through the stuff piling up on all his available surfaces. "Dammit," he mutters. He's coming up empty. Which really just makes him need the smokes more.

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"If I'm freaking out, it's only for your own good!"

Or amusement.

You know, whichever.

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"It's the first time you've been married to Coyote. And what the hell were you doing allowing someone to pour perfectly good liquor over you? And holding hands at that?"

It's not entirely clear which of those offends Prometheus the most.

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One eyebrow arches up.

"You're a Titan. Not to pull rank or anything, but come on. You're a Titan."

The corner of his mouth twitches. It's not anything like a smile, though, no sir.

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"It's always kept up from dripping whiskey."

His expression becomes pained.

"Man, was it our whiskey?"

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Prometheus heaves a sigh of antique and epic proportions.

"I'm gonna finish with this shave, and then I am going to pick up some cigarettes. You're coming with me, by the way -- I don't trust you not to find that you've spilled something and gotten married to some appliance or something by the time I get back."

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"'Debatable' doesn't even begin to cover that!"