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Chicago, in the near past.

You don't see people using payphones much nowadays, but they are still around if you look for them.

The drunk sleeping it off in one of the little phone cubicles wakes up and blinks groggily as Epimetheus steps into the next cubicle, picks up the receiver without putting any money in the slot, and says, "Meda."

The phone purrs in his ear. He leans back against the Plexiglass wall and give the drunk a cheery finger-waggle.
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Brr-brr. Brr-brr. Brr-brr. Brr-

"Afwan," a woman's voice breathes at the other end. That is understandable enough. Classic Arabic, excuse me, as in 'sorry'. What follows next is an almost unintelligable rush of Darija and the sound of the phone being placed on the table.

There might have been mention of having to rescue someone from drowning, but it's an uncertain thing.
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Eventually, the phone is picked up.

"Samehini," Medusa says then, still breathing heavily. "I had to rescue one of the chameleons from being adventerous in the fountain. Um, who is calling?"

She's still speaking Darija, but it's easier to understand when she's not babbling it.
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Beat. Be-

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"Wonderful, actually. Yourself?"
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"Of course. When my door decides to behave...?"
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"I remem-"

came in as a ghost


This not the sound of someone going 'oh, fuck'. Repeatedly. This is the sound of someone going 'oh, fuck' repeatedly in her head.
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Medusa is many things. This list, long and occasionally contradictory, involves being incredibly honest. When you have a golden wingspan of twelve feet, being deceitful isn't really an option.

Which is why the Gorgon, instead of saying the things she'd think up later, just stutters.

"I...Um. Epi-I, uh."
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"I, um. I don't. I am so sorry!." Possibly, the Gorgon's clear voice is now more akin to a wail than a flute.

"It's, um. You know...you know how you keep putting things off? Because they hurt or-or it's stupid or something and you know you should but you don't want to bring it up up because it'll make things hurt or people worry and so you put it off and you put it off and then, and then it happens?

Sorta, uh. Sorta like that? I think?"
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"Well, I don't-" And then he finishes talking. There's a silence for a moment, then she sighs.

"Yeah. But you know, it was really only two or less, given I was a little...crazy, and you went AWOL..."
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"Oh! Um. Eyeh. I mean, yes. It helped...so much. Thank you."
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"...I don't fancy the flight. As much as I love you...no."

Beat. Beam.

"You have to come here!"
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"Well, I can't exactly fly by plane, and a trans-Atlantic flight on my own? And swimming is a pain when I have to go out that far and fight with sharks."
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She laughs, wickedly.

"Or my mother's." It's entirely possible that baby sharks are told in no uncertain terms that Ceto is going to gobble them up.

"The trouble is, getting them to listen..."
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"Just a little."

She likes sharks. When they aren't trying to eat her.

"There is always Milliways if you are desperate to show me the grand old US of A."
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"I'm terrified. Really."
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"Oh, wonderful!"
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"No? Mobsters sound neat..."
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"Thank you. You are the best cousin ever."
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"Ali's flitting about the south of Spain being a...thief, I think. Her last call was a little garbled. She sounded like she was having fun, though. And Stheno's the same. Snarky, sarcastic, grumpy-"

Distantly, there is a yelled 'I heard that'

"- and of course utterly delightful. Making a new chest and it's beautiful."

Making their own furniture is only...practical, really.
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"Sure, I will. Could always come over and say 'hi' yourself one of these days, though."
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"Oh, fine. I will. You take care, mm?"
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"Mmmm, I'm not commenting."
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She laughs.

"I'm sure you are."
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"Okay. Talk to you later."