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Epimetheus ([personal profile] 2020sight) wrote2008-01-10 03:45 pm
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Everyone needs a good soundtrack

Road Trip

1. The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders -- Sufjan Stevens
2. Take It Easy -- the Eagles
3. Honey Darlin' -- Brigitte DeMeyer
4. Band On the Run -- Paul McCartney
5. Double Line -- Heavy Trash
6. Drive -- Jonathan Kingham


6. Air Proofing Two -- Leo Kottke
7. Cocaine Blues -- Johnny Cash
8. Half of My Mistakes -- Jace Everett
9. Fix These Blues -- Heavy Trash

Viva la Liberacion!

10. Sparks -- the Who
11. Mission Impossible Theme
12. Skylight -- Overseer
13. Yeah Baby -- Heavy Trash

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